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Prosthetics for All

AK Prosthetics is disrupting the prosthetics industry. By delivering customized prosthetics and adaptive wearables to your doorstep





AK Prosthetics was founded by Adero Knott (she/her),a congenital amputee, who has endured uncomfortable and ill-fitted prosthetic arms all of her life. She also noticed how her prosthetic arm was several shades lighter than her dark skin tone. Frustrated that in 2017,  she still had a hook for a prosthetic arm that didn't match her skin tone or personality, led her start AK Prosthetics. AK Prosthetics is revolutionizing the way prosthetics are made today and are making them accessible and inclusive for all bodies.

Our devices are made by amputees for amputees!


We envision a world where people who need prosthetic limbs have access to them regardless of location, shape or size.


We envision a world where prosthetic limbs don't literally cost "an arm and a leg".


We envision a world powered by miraculous technology, that amplifies the voices of amputees by offering them endless customization options

We envision utilizing technology to bring mobility and independence to you in a safe and efficient way, especially during COV-19.


We are developing the AK Creator App that empowers amputees to scan, create and print custom prosthetic limbs and adaptive wearables from the comfort and safety of their homes. Users may simply use their cellphone or tablet camera to scan their residual limb, select a limb to match the style and activity of their choice, sit back and wait for your new custom prosthetic to arrive via mail, drone or robot! 



Tel: +44 7425483054
Chicago,  IL


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